At PhotoPod we will make your corporate events, wedding, and party the most memorable event of the year. Our team will customize each event to meet your every desire. We do this by providing the most diverse array of amazing props, enclosures, backdrops and themes that are limited only by your imagination.

When Choosing a Photobooth company look for the following:

  • Presentation: Image is important to you and your guests. We don’t accept something that looks like a cardboard box taped together in someone’s basement and neither should you!! Our equipment and enclosure are professionally built and offer an unmatched professional look, quality, and feel.
  • Equipment Quality: A web cam is not good enough to capture a moment as important as this. PhotoPod only uses professional grade cameras and photo lab printers.
  • Customization: Every aspect of your PhotoPod experience is customizable.
  • The Props: Theme Party… we’ve got you covered! Tired of the same old dirty wigs and worn out dollar store chachkies? So are we!! PhotoPod supplies only the best & most creative props.
  • The Team: We have an industry leading team and our attendants are the best in the industry. The better the team, the better the time your guests will have.
  • Pride: We take pride in what we do. Our team provides the highest level of service and handles every detail so everyone can have the time of their lives.