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About us

 The photo pod  team: The photo pod team is group of active, young, like minded  individuals who got together to create the northwest's most enjoyable  photo booth experience. Every individual on the team brings their own  fresh perspective to the group allowing the Photo Pod team the most well  rounded and experienced photo booth event attendants. Each member of  the Photo Pod team is trained in the full functions of the photo booths'  capabilities and troubleshooting through any situation to ensure a  smooth functioning event for you and your guests. 


The  Photo Pod: From the beginning our mission was to create the most  adaptable and high tech photo booths available. We are routinely  updating and upgrading our equipment to provide the best results for  your event! We use only the Best Cannon DSLR cameras in our booths with  lab quality dye sublimation printers, touch screen monitors. We also  believe that the only way to get the best, completely candid photos from  your guests is to allow the booth to be fully automated. Your guests  have the capabilities to choose between full color and black and white  photographs while in the booth. Guests also have the ability to let  loose and enjoy the experience of a fully enclosed photo booth without  the discomfort of an individual behind a camera, this allows for the  most genuine photos for you and your guests.